Small Groups

There are two things we ask of our members at Metro–be with the body of Christ when it gathers for Sunday worship, and join a small group.  Preaching and pastoring are the great bookends of a healthy church. To that end, we impart the Word in Sunday Worship and impart our lives in Small Groups.

We have groups that meet throughout the week in different geographic locations. Our time is spent in fellowship, prayer, and the application of the previous week’s sermon. All of our Elders and Deacons not only pastor a small group, but also disciple and care for those in their charge.

Though the primary goal of our small groups is pastoring those in our care, we are planting a new small group in Justin that, while maintaining that purpose, will have a more evangelistic bent. Justin is a growing area filled with many who need the gospel. The Justin Small Group is specifically aimed at reaching out to the community to help people come to know Jesus Christ and grow to be like Him. Our goal is not to pull people away from healthy churches, nor to pastor those who already attend a healthy church, but rather to use this venue to share the gospel with the lost and assimilate believers into the Metro Bible Church family.

Below is a list of our Small Groups, dates and times:

Trophy Club – Brown Sr. Home
Rod Brown Sr.
Sunday Night | 6pm

Trophy Club – Class Home
Rod Brown Jr. – Elder
Monday Night | 6:30pm

Trophy Club (Youth) – Mordecai Home
Chris Mordecai – Deacon
Wednesday Night | 6:30pm

Trophy Club – Henderson Home
Ben Thompson
Wednesday Night | 6:30pm

Roanoke – Beckwith Home
David Dion – Deacon
Wednesday Night | 6:30pm

No Events

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