Children Ministry

Metro Children’s Ministry focuses on children from birth to 5th grade and their parents. Our purpose is to “Impart the Word and Impart our Lives” (I Thess 2:8). Under the authority of the church and the parents, we seek to intentionally train our children to be wholly devoted followers of Christ.

We “Impart the Word” by:

  • Teaching our children (K-5th) the Bible in an exciting and challenging atmosphere. Our team of loving, creative children’s workers provide quality nursery care, a structured Sunday School, and a dynamic Children’s Church.
  • Upholding the primacy of God’s glory and power, taking seriously the task of making disciples, not diminishing any portion of Scripture, by acknowledging the “all” of 2 Timothy 3:16-17.
  • Providing “Kids Worship” every second Sunday of the month in order to teach them how to worship the Lord with all their heart.

We “Impart our lives” by:

  • Displaying the gospel through a team of loving, creative children’s workers who provide quality nursery care, well-structured classes, and a dynamic Children’s Church.
  • Providing meaningful relationships that honor the Lord and display the love of Christ.
  • Equipping parents in the godly training of their children.

We invite you to be a part of our Children’s Ministry!

Equipping Hour

(9:00am – 10:00am)

We are currently teaching “66 Books, One Story” to proclaim the Gospel in every book of the Bible. Read more about it here.

Parents: after each class, ask your children, “Which book of the Bible did you study?” A great follow up question could be, “How does this book lead you to the Gospel?”

Children’s Church

(10:30am – 12:00pm)

The Children’s Church curriculum is based off of Desiring God’s Colletion of “Fighter Verses.”  Buy the app here. Each week, we are challenging our children to treasure one verse in their hearts (Psa 119:11).  If “faith comes through hearing” (Rom 10:17), then we must equip our kids with the content of the gospel…who God is, who man is, what God has done through Jesus Christ, and our necessary response.  Our Metro kids are our first mission field.

Fighter Verses – ABCs of God
The fighter verses schedule.

Fighter Verses – ABCs of God – Weekly Worksheets
A family devotional plan using the fighter verses.

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