2017-2018 Calendar at a Glance

January (2017): [7 weeks] Membership Class [29] Members Meeting February (2017): [22-24] Simeon Trust (Lindale TX) March (2017): [ ] Small Group Outreaches April (2017): [14] Good Friday Love Feast [16] Easter Sunday [21] Secret Church/Antioch Leadership Institute May...

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2017 Easter Hymn ::: See the Destined Day Arise

"Have you ever formed the holy habit of contemplating Jesus?" I was asked that question this week.  How would you have answered it?  Take a minute to think about it. On second thought, how does one contemplate Jesus?  Does that mean I just read my bible all day?  What...

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Christmas Eve Poem | The Kingdom of God

Introduction | “The Kingdom of God” Gather round! Merry Christmas and draw near, all you with eyes to see and ears to hear. Would you come with me as we open this great book? It is written by God and demands a look! Its continuity is inarguably consistent, Written by...

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More Love to Thee

We sang "More Love to Thee" by Elizabeth Payson Prentiss last Sunday, July 31, 2016.  I'd like to point out one stanza that is especially intriguing. "Let sorrow do its work come grief or pain Sweet are Thy messengers sweet their refrain When they can sing with me...

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10 Quotes from Mack Stiles’ Book on Evangelism

Here's 10 quotes that shaped my thinking in reading the book Evangelism by Mack Stiles.  Enjoy! "There is no formula that dictates how God must work in evangelism.  And through we may disagree with the evangelistic practices of individuals, ministries, or churches, we...

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