The Metro Bible Institute is in full swing for the fall of 2016!  We are studying “The Vine Project” and have justing finished up on “Conviction 3: How are disciples made?”  To put it briefly, disciples are made “by the persevering proclamation of the word of God by the people of God in the prayerful dependence on the Spirit of God” (p. 83).  Here are some of our favorite quotes that brought clarity to this question:

Disciples are made by the proclamation of the word of God.  “This is the word that must be proclaimed, not a set of inspirational thoughts about how to improve your life, not the thoughts that a springboard verse triggers off in our heads, and not a fresh revelation that we think God has given us.  If we believe that the Bible’s word is the powerful speech of God, then in many respects what we want to see flourish in our church culture is as many instances as possible of the Bible being spoken, read, studied, preached, explained, taught, discussed, memorized, prayed over and meditated upon” (p. 85).

Disciples are made by prayerful dependence on the Spirit of God. “Prayerlessness is a classic symptom of a sick disciple-making church” (p. 90).

Disciples are made by God’s people.  “Love motivates us to reach out to others with the gospel, and to see church as an opportunity not just for personal growth but also for the upbuilding of those around us” (p. 92).

Disciples are made by God’s people persevering, step by step with others.  “The Christian life happens in one enormous, momentous step from death to life; it also takes place step by step, as we learn to observe all of Christ’s commandments, as the suffering we endure for Christ produces in us endurance, character and hope” (p. 94).

“Christ-learners are ‘made’ patiently and perseveringly over time.  Disciple-making deals in the messy realities of weariness and faintheartedness, and our constant struggle against sin” (p. 95).

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