Antioch2016_LogoAlready planning for the Fall?  This post is dedicated to the great discipline of remembering.  Too often we look ahead without remembering where we just came.  Here’s some highlights from what our students were taught during the Antioch Institute 2016.

 From the book of Jonah, we learned…

  • The consistency of God and the inconsistency of Jonah.
  • The “Care Scale” from Chapter 4.  Do I care more about my job, sports, things, friends more than souls?
  • That Jesus is the “Better Jonah” (Matt. 12)
  • That a robust and biblical doctrine of sin, properly applied will help us to grow in compassion, not arrogance.
  • That Israel was to be a light to the nations (Is 49:6)
  • That God’s heart is for all peoples and for the prophet.
  • The book of Jonah is about God’s glory in salvation through judgement.

From our time in Tulsa, we learned:

  • How to teach the word of God to others by”staying on the line”.  “You leave the presence of the Lord when you leave the line.” -Pastor Ryan Bishop
  • The importance of understanding the context of a passage and how it fits with overall message of the book.
  • How to hang on to a tube when the boat going 40 mph.
  • That some where made for lazar tag and others were just made.

From our time in Arkansas, we learned:

  • The importance of Biblical Masculinity and Femininity.  “Equality doesn’t come from sameness. It comes from source .” -Mark Schatzman
  • GOSPEL FRAMEWORK :: Who is God? What does He Do?  Who are We? How should we live?
  • The importance of names in relationships.
  • Good questions to ask in Evangelism.
  • How to sing 80’s music together in a 15 passenger van #ThanksTierza

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