Middle/High School and College Students:

We want to invite you to our discipleship institute entitled ANTIOCH Student Leadership Institute. Our desire is to intentionally train students for a lifetime of ministry. The purpose of this letter is to inform the whole family in understanding together the details, dates and commitments before us. Here’s the spring and summer at a glance…

Same hearts in training students – Different Schedule

This year we will have four (4) Student Leadership Core Training times beginning in April! Each student is encouraged to invite their friends and participate in at least 3 core training times. This will ensure ability to attend the Tulsa/Arkansas Student Leadership Conference. These core training times will be intense in the word and high in relationship.

Student Leadership Core Training:      

Friday, April 21st @ 6pm-12:30am |  Gross’ House
(Secret Church Gathering:  “Scripture and Authority in the Age of Skepticism”)

Friday, May 26th @ 7pm |  Newman’s House

Wednesday, June 7th @ 7pm  |  Beckwith’s House

Sunday, June 11th @ 7pm  |  Rod and Suzy’s House

Tulsa/Arkansas Road Trip:

June 19th-25nd | Tulsa/Arkansas Youth Training Conference on Student Leadership


Tuition is $200 due April 9th.  If you plan on only attending the Core Trainings and not the Arkansas/Tulsa Weekend, Tuition is $35.  For each Core Training, we are asking that you bring $5 for ordering pizza.

Application & Waiver

Before a student may join us in the Antioch Student Leadership Institute, please complete and return the Antioch Application Form (click the link to download) for each student in your household prior to April 21st, 2017. The completed form(s) may be returned to Mike Newman or mailed to 12 Pin Oak Court, Trophy Club, TX 76262.

Future Ministry

We are not doing this program for fun (although it is fun). It is to develop, equip, and especially EMPOWER students to become leaders. This will take on the form of “imparting the word and their lives” in various ministry opportunities throughout the year. The Antioch program is not the end goal, it is merely the platform to train and release student leaders into ministry.

Parent/Church Help

Spiritually, we are calling you to pray everyday for your son/daughter! “Only one life, twill soon be past. Only what’s done through prayer will last.” Also, join with your son/daughter in study, memorization and conversations!

Programmatically, our biggest need will be to provide snacks during the leadership Core Training times. I would like to exclude the host families from providing the snacks with hearts to involve more people. We will need 16 snack volunteers (4 people per Core Training) to bring snacks. Please plan ahead for what would be a good slot to team with somebody to fill.

We are excited about what God is doing through this ministry…and what He is planning to do this spring and summer through our ANTIOCH Student Leadership Institute.


Michael Newman

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