Here’s a good Top Ten Reading List from Rod.  Enjoy!

1. Jerry Bridges, True Community

A great book on how fellowship is partnering with others in their sanctification.

2. George Marsden, Jonathan Edwards: A Life (Yale University Press, 2003).

Probably the best biography I’ve read.  It is wonderfully balanced showing how Edwards theology impacted every area of his life.

3. Kevin DeYoung, Taking God at His Word (Crossway, 2014)

Learn to defend the authority and sufficiency of God’s Word.

4. David McCullough, John Adams (Touchstone, 2001)

Excellent writing!  McCullough won a Pulitzer for this one.

5. David Helm, Expositional Preaching,(Crossway, )

A short, simple method to understanding the meaning of every Bible text.

6. Paul Johnson, Churchill (Viking, 2009).

Short biography on the man who saved western civilization.  Everyone needs to read this.

7. Ron Chernow, Washington, A Life

A longer biography that shows what exactly made Washington so great.  Chernow does an excellent job of peeling back the facade and giving us the real Washington. 

8. Arnold Dallimore, George Whitefield: God’s Anointed Servant in the Great Revival of the Eighteenth Century (1 vol) 

The “Lightning Rod of the First Great Awakening”.  Dallimore shows us the man driven by an evangelistic zeal.

9. Jeremiah Burroughs, The Rare Jewel of Christian Contentment (Banner of Truth Trust, reprinted 1998)

Discover the kind of contentment Christ promises His children.

10. Colin Marshall and Tony Payne, The Trellis and the Vine

The best book I’ve read on the practicals of discipleship.

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