Theologian A.W. Tozer posed a question asking, “What kind of a Christian should be considered a normal Christian?” His response was, “The normal Christian worships God!” No matter who you are, you worship something. Believers of Christ Jesus are marked by their worship of the God that created them. So then, what is worship? At Metro, we say that worship is “all that we are responding to all we know of God.

-What We Mean-

“All that we are”

God desires us to love him with all of our heart, soul and strength (Duet 6:5).   We worship the Lord and glorify Him with our lives.  The worship of God is not restricted to Sunday Mornings, but includes all aspects of life. Worship is not exclusive to music, yet music plays a vital role in our praises to Him. Thus, the believer longs to make Christ the center of all he does rather than limiting the Christian life to home and church.

“responding to”

Why is it important to respond to God? In the Scriptures, it says that “we love because He first loved us” (I John 4:19). Because of who God is and because of what He has done for us, we respond to Him with a humble heart to express our gratitude to Him. Our praises don’t make God feel better, rather He is deserving of our praises. Thus, we “come” in a sense to Him and tell of His wondrous acts and bow down to Him with our lives.

“all we know”

Why would we use the word “know”? Are you saying understanding takes precedence over heart-felt emotions? In short, yes. How can you worship something/someone you do not know? It is true that we will never be able to fully understand the ways of God or fully grasp the majesty of God. However, believers are to grow their relationship with Him and desire to know Him more and more (Phil 3:10). As you know and understand more of the heart of God, the deeper your worship becomes. Therefore, we come to Him with a child-like faith longing to be in His presence.

“of God”

Worship of the Triune God is distinctly Christian. We worship the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit in “spirit and in truth”. The Father is the fountain of divinity (fons divinitatis). The Father, Son, and Spirit are all equal in essence, yet distinct in function. Within the divine trinity, the Father is the God-head. The Son, Jesus Christ is fully God and fully man. He is eternally begotten of the Father and is equal to the Father in all respects except His fatherliness. The Son is co-eternal with the Father, henceforth not created but in relation to Him. In this, the Son is subordinate to the Father and willingly submits unto Him in humility. The Son is equal to the Father and the Spirit, yet serves a different function, namely, mediator to the Father.

The Spirit proceeds from the Father and the Son (filio que) and exists to magnify the Son. Co-equal and co-eternal within the triunity of God, the Spirit is of one essence with the Father and the Son. He was sent by the Father. Thus, through our worship we aim to exalt the Triune God in word and deed.

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